Monday, April 26, 2010

Dropping bombs! in a good way.

First off issue 2 dropped unintentionally last week so if you dug issue 1 and want the crazy conclusion it's ready and waiting with no delay. ( how often do comics actually come out early)

If you haven't gotten issue one... well get off your ass! This is some of the response we've been getting from the comic community.

If that doesn't convince you here are some words from some of my favorite and I'm sure some of your favorite comic and film creators.

"Exotic locations, earth-shattering stakes, dialogue you wish you'd
written, heroic bad-assery, and a macguffin to die for. Larger than
life villains versus equally outsized heroes. This is the stuff we're
talking about when we talk about action-adventure." - DWAYNE MCDUFFIE

Just the right mix of story with fantastic art - CORRINA LAWSON - WIRED!

FLAT OUT GREAT. I love it. Wish most of the books I paid for this
week were that good. - REGINALD HUDLIN - (Black Panther, Boomerang)

PRODIGAL is an adrenaline rush of babes, bullets and blood. A blast
to look at and read. - SCOTT STEWART (director of PRIEST and LEGION)

A hidden monastery.A group of chanting monks. A pack of kill crazy
ninjas.A secret, powerful prize worth killing any number of men for.
And a pair of heroes on the case. All elements that would go into
making the perfect action flick. Or what you experience in the first
eight pages of Prodigal - VINCENT S. MOORE - COMICS WAITING ROOM.COM

"Good story, Great Art, Here's my money." - MARK WAID (Every Comic
You've Ever Read)

Almost LAST and not least my studio Gnere19's sites for more detailed project updates and what not.

Okay, okay, last thing. I'll be at the awesome Earth2 comics of Sherman Oaks on May 1st for free comic book day doing sketches and pop locking. So swing through check out the book and get a sketch and say what's up


Humza Khan said...

congrats Todd! said...

congrats Tod!

Fill Marc Sagadraca said...

awesome work Todd! I left Earth 2 Comics in a hurry to get to the CalArts Open show. Thanks for the sketch.

Anonymous said...

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