Friday, November 27, 2009

In previews ready for pre-order

My book just dropped in previews. So please run, don't walk to the comic shop and pre order like 10 of em.
Here's the low down and the preview of the first chapter of the 48 page first issue.
just click on the image.


Dayne Henry Jr said...

T Harris... You are, indeed, a bad-ass my friend. Great Work on the book, looking forward to scoppin' one up!

- Dayne

Humza Khan said...

Looks exciting, congrats again. Great to see you doin' your own IP

Sharkb8 said...

I like the perspective of the cover. It's spot on. I can't enough of ninjas man. More ninjas damnit!

Diego Rodriguez said...

Is very good your work in Prodigal buddy!!!

Dwight Clark said...

I am liking the way this looks man, looks fun!